Covid-19 - Lundegård Camping


Here you will find information about Corona


Updated 9/6-20

We at Lundegård Camping follow the directives like so many others from the government and the Public Health Agency and stay up to date on the current situation and all developments. The Swedish Public Health Agency has stated that you can travel within Sweden as you wish and we will of course be open all summer unless otherwise stated later in the summer. We hope, of course, that the virus has weakened and spread to a lesser extent until the summer season begins. If the situation unexpectedly continues to look like it does now, you can be sure that we will do everything to ensure that all our guests can be safe during their stay with us.

Check-in and check-out at the Reception:

  • We ask you to respect that not too many people gather inside the reception at the same time. If you see that there are guests at the reception, please wait outside until they have walked out the door. Should a queue arise outside, we ask you to keep your distance.
  • When you check in at the place / cottage, we are happy to see one from the party checking in.
  • Before payment, we are happy to make sure that your hands are washed. Otherwise we have a toilet outside the reception where you can wash your hands and rubbing alcohol at the reception desk.
  • If your booking should be paid at check-out, we ask you to put the key and boom card in the key box outside the door.

Camping & cottage – you have your own accommodation:

  • At our campsites for tents, caravans and motorhomes, we have strict fire rules that mean that each crew has plenty of space between each other so that you can feel secluded and have full control over your own accommodation and your own well-being, exactly as at home.
  • All our cottages are cleaned by our staff after departure and disinfected thoroughly.
  • If you should bring a caravan / motorhome, we recommend using your own shower and toilet if there is to use. The campsite has equipment available at the service houses to empty and clean its latrine!

Our routines for service house, restaurant, bakery, pool area & shop:

  • In all our common areas, we will strengthen and expand the routines for cleaning and disinfection. Each service house has dedicated cleaning staff who constantly work to keep the disinfection and cleaning at the very highest level and ensure sanitation.
  • We ask you to respect that not too many people gather inside the service houses at the same time. Do you see that it is “full” in the shower / kitchen / sink / toilets, form a queue outside or use the space at a later time. Also remember to keep your distance when queuing. The same also applies to restaurant / bakery / pool area and shop.
  • At our restaurants you have the opportunity for take-away food if you wish to eat in your accommodation.
  • We have high demands on our staff regarding everything to do with hygiene and sanitation.

Major events and activities:

  • We will follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s directives regarding possible restrictions on the number of people who may be present at events and activities.
  • Most of the activities we have take place outdoors. We review all activities so that they follow guidelines and recommendations ang. Covid-19.

What applies to rebooking and cancellation?

  • Until further notice, our regular cancellation policy applies. Should there be new recommendations from Swedish authorities that affect booked trips, we will inform about it. If you have become ill, you can, as usual, cancel if you have purchased cancellation protection and have a valid medical certificate. If you want to rebook your stay to another date, we will solve it free of charge.

What can you do as a guest ?:

  • If you feel the least bit sick with e.g. cough, sore throat, runny nose or fever – wait to visit us until you are healthy again!
  • Keep your distance both outside and inside buildings. 1.5 – 2 m is what is recommended!
  • Wash your hands thoroughly often with soap and hot water and use rubbing alcohol that is available in the service houses!
  • If you should bring a caravan / motorhome, I recommend we to make use of their own shower and toilet if available. The campsite has equipment available at the service houses to empty and clean its latrine!

Together, we can minimize the risk of the infection spreading by following the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations while ensuring a pleasant and, above all, SAFE holiday with us at Lundegård Camping.