Dance week 2021 - Lundegård Camping

Dance week 2021

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Dance week at Lundegård is this summer’s big dance party.

The log dance at Lundegård has a long history. It was in the mid-60s that the foundation for Lundegård and its log dance was laid. During the 70’s, it was danced continuously throughout the summer and the campsite grew so fast. Today, Dance Week in July (v.27) is one of Sweden’s most well-attended dance events with 1-2 dance bands per night. Sports bottle and a good pair of dancing shoes are what counts!




For those of you who solve a weekly band, we give a 50% discount on pool, playground & golf entrance.

Sale of the weekly bands: takes place as usual during Friday and Saturday until: 19.30, at the campsite’s reception.

Ordinary entrance tickets can not be purchased in advance. Payment is by card, cash or swish at the box office.

Children under 15 free, note. only in the company of a guardian. Coffee, coffee and beer service in the area.

On Facebook: / ölandsveckan

On twitter: @dansveckan

To make the week even a little smoother and more wonderful, here are some tips!

– All camping guests (not cabins) must have a current camping card at check-in, make sure you already have a new or updated card when you check in! You buy your card at By arriving prepared, we reduce the queues at check-in.

– The weekly tapes are as usual for sale outside the reception on Friday and Saturday.

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Good to know

Important dates


Dance week falls on week 27 every year, 2021 means 3/7 – 10/7. Most, however, choose to come already on Friday. Payment for the accommodation takes place on 31 January (25%) and 30 April (75%).

My children will join the dance week, can they enter the Lodge?


Yes, we let children under the age of 15, but only in the company of a parent, free of charge. From 15 years and up, the normal entrance fee applies.

Where is information about everything that happens during the day during the dance week?


It is often recurring spex that some committed people take care of, but these events are not something that we at Lundegård Camping arrange or are responsible for. We usually get a “weekly schedule” of events a week or so before the dances start. Contact ‘Öland Week’ on Facebook if you want more information or want to arrange something fun.

What can you recommend for other cottage accommodation?


There are some campsites in Köpingsvik (3 km) that have cabins, including Klinta and Gröndal’s camping. More options and private cabins can be found at and

I have no caravan, can I rent one from you?


We have no caravans for rent on the campsite.

Tips on caravan renters?


We are only mediators of these contacts…
Happy Cars on northern Öland, tel: 073-7816897